A special note to all you Mamas

You are the most important person in your children's lives. Yet, as Moms we are often a ghost in our own stories. There's always a million reasons for us not to be in the picture or to put off doing family portraits. We think we're too plump, our hair's a mess, we're too tired or we don't have our face on. But, truthfully your kids don't care about any of that. Regardless of how you think you look, in your child's eyes you are the most beautiful being on this planet. When they see you they do not think of all the nonsense that we do, they just know they love with all their heart. I mean have you ever seen a picture of your mother that you did not treasure? Of course not and that's why I am here to remind you that you are worthy of being in your own story. Your littles deserve to have pictures of you, pictures with you, pictures to remember you by; pictures that show how much you love and adore them. I would love to help you give them just that.

I want to make your session as easy as possible. I want you to let down your guard and rejoice in the beautiful imperfections of Motherhood. I will help you in every way I can to ensure this is an amazing experience from choosing an epic location to styling your family and helping your story unfold in a beautifully poetic and organic way. I'm not looking for the perfect well behaved children, I believe real life (chaos and all) snuggly littles, beautiful landscapes and laid back people are what dream sessions are made of. I also believe that YOU deserve to be celebrated! So what are you waiting for girl, give me a call!