I truly believe that kids love nothing more than to see themselves in movies. Even long after your littles aren't so little they still enjoy seeing live moments from their past. Family films help you and your kids to remember the love, laughter and the life you shared. I do absolutely LOVE photographs, but one thing I wish I had more of were family films. As an adult I would have loved to see and hear moments from my childhood, but I never will because we never had a video camera. I have also lost so many loved ones and it would mean the world to me to able to look back at bits and pieces of my mom, sister and two brothers. Family films are a true legacy that let you travel back in time to places that remind you of the countless little details your heart clings to for all of time.

Olsen Family

Love, Love, Love the photo!! And OMG... I am in tears, I absolutely love the video!! It’s perfect and I will cherish these memories. So thankful for Cindy, she captured all our chaos and love beautifully. I know I will miss this & I know how fast time goes and I never want to forget the crazy rock jumps and sandy feet!

Vanessa Olsen

Britt and Boy

Cindy, I am in tears, these are soooo beautiful! Thank you for creating such magic for us... and that spot - just WOW! Our session was breathtaking. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are so incredibly talented and we had such a wonderful time!

Brittney Norris

Amber and Family

Loved this adventurous family and enjoyed spending this beautiful day with them in Hope Valley.

Mc Ewan Clan

Such a unique and wonderful experience! Even before we had the photo shoot I was helped in creating these beautiful moments. I loved the guidance in picking outfits, the research of a gorgeous location and her willingness to work with my crazy family of 5 young children. I’m pretty sure this is the first time my kids had fun at a photo shoot.

I’m not sure how she did it, but Cindy captured my family so well. She created works of art that I will cherish forever!