Investing in Tangible Memories

I absolutely believe in helping you preserve your legacy. That's why I have found this beautiful group of heirloom products and the best part is, you only buy what you love. Oh and don't worry about the digitals because you will receive complimentary corresponding digital copies of whatever images you decide to take home.

Print Collections

Today's modern album. Unbound, because your story is still being written. Collect one for each child and fill them with love and memories

Begins at $600

Wall Collections

Because you can't hang a USB

prices vary

Linen Albums

Beautiful handcrafted albums for each chapter of your life

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Don't Leave Your Memories to Chance

With a cell phone always at hand to snap your life moments, it's easy to forget how quickly those moments can be lost. Devices fail, phones get lost, damaged, dropped in the sink. Even though you may back up your photos, with today's rapidly advancing technology there's no guarantee that the same device you store your digital images on today, will be available to future generations. Hence, rendering all your digital photos (memories) inaccessible, lost... All these are just physical reasons to print your photos though, it's when you add in that emotional element, like the memories a photo can stir, that one beautiful print of your mom who's no longer with you, the joy you can get sitting with family and friends while gathered around a pile of photos reliving your youth, those are the reasons that really hit home and make us realize why it is so important to preserve our memories with tangible products and prints. Prints that will last a lifetime, prints that tell the story of you. Please don't leave that to chance, I have had more than one client come back to me after losing their mom or husband, in hopes that I still had their digital portraits after their systems failed. Lucky I did, because I would have been heartbroken to have to tell them those treasured photos were gone forever. Please join the movement to #printyourphotos

Preserving Your Memories

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